Get Mobile Web Traffic insights across a variety of marketing channels and key traffic metrics. See how your competitors are performing on mobile web vs desktop across marketing channels to uncover strategic opportunities.


  • As of January 2021, we will be reinstating the last 12 months of Mobile Web data for all domains (not subdomains). 

  • New Mobile Web data is available from January 2020 onwards. 

  • This algorithmic improvement will have no impact on the absolute value of Mobile Web traffic and we do not yet provide a Mobile Web breakout of organic vs. paid traffic. 

  • No update of the overall number of mobile web traffic or absolute number - but rather the distribution between channels.

  • For overlapping date ranges (e.g. July '19 -  June '20) where two algorithms are in use, an average across the data sets is calculated. Please note that data from January 2020 onwards will provide a greater level of accuracy.

Availability of Mobile Web Traffic insights: The availability of Mobile Web Traffic data continues to grow across our tool set. Use the filters in the toolbar in the upper right to set the traffic type.

API Impact

Please note that this API endpoint will be updated with the new release to allow users to pull the new Mobile Web Marketing Channels data from January 2020. 

Any customers pulling data from this endpoint should be aware that the data will be changed and overridden.

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