Audience Geography allows you to determine traffic share by country. With this feature, you can select a domain of choice and view the percentage of desktop traffic sent to that domain from over 170 countries. Customize your analysis by adjusting the time frame, selecting anywhere from the last 28 days to the last 24 months.


Audience Geography displays the country-by-country analysis in descending order of traffic share. The topmost widget provides a visual overview of the top five countries and encourages you to explore more countries by clicking the arrow bar on the right. The chart below builds on the widget and provides additional insights into your country-specific audiences, including month-over-month change in traffic, country rank, visit duration, pages per visit, and bounce rate. You can change the ordering of the data by selecting any one of those columns.

Once you have analyzed your selected domain, you can go even further and compare against up to an additional four domains, assessing the competitive traffic share by country. This is based on the percentage of traffic between the competitive set for each country (out of 100% traffic for each country).

What is the Value?

Discover where your audiences are around the world, how those audiences are changing over time, and how engaged they are with your domain. Use these insights to tailor your marketing strategies from there -- whether you're looking to double-down on your primary market or expand your product offerings to high-potential markets.

How to Use

  1. From Digital Research > Company Research > Website Analysis, enter a website.

  2. Customize your analysis by adjusting the time frame. 

  3. From the left menu, click Audience > Geography

  4. In the widget, scroll horizontally to view the traffic share by country in descending order. In the chart, scroll vertically. 

  5. Sort the country-by-country audience data across additional filters like Change and Visit Duration by clicking on the column header. 

  6. Compare your selected domain by adding up to an additional four domains. Note: This will change the chart data to reflect Country, Total Traffic Share, and Competitive Traffic Share data.

Tip: You can save your analysis for future reference by adding it to a new or existing dashboard using the + icon or by downloading your report using the Download Excel icon.

In the table, you can see:

Use Case

  • Understand your target audience. Identify types of target audiences and their behavior worldwide using data like Visit Duration and Pages per Visit. 

  • Analyze your geographical reach. Assess how engaging your content is to different geographical locations by considering Bounce Rate.

  • Tailor your marketing strategy to meet your business goals. Investigate your site's performance in your primary markets, and grow your business to high-potential markets.

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Audience > Geography

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Segment Analysis > Geography

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