How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the subscription Information page inside the SimilarWeb platform. Canceling a subscription during the trial period will not result in any charges to your credit card. If you cancel your subscription after the trial period, your credit card will be charged for the monthly billing cycle that has started, and your membership will last through that billing period only.

Do website visits on tablets count as desktop or mobile web?

Website visits on tablets count as mobile web.

What time zone is our data based on?

All of our data (PRO, API) is based on the time zone: EST without daylight savings, with one exception. Usage Patterns data is corrected for the device's local time, including DST.

Which IP address does SimilarWeb use?

We don't have a static range of IP addresses in use. It's dynamic and keeps changing. We run on AWS Cloud, so if necessary, the client can use AWS ranges, which can be found here.

How do VPNs affect which country we attribute a website visit to?

We attribute a visit to the country from which we detected their first visit of the day. For example, if someone from country A logs onto their computer and visits a website, and then 5 minutes later connects to their VPN (country B) and visits more websites throughout the day, all website visits for the entire day will be attributed to country A.

When is your monthly data released?

Our monthly data is released by the 10th of the following month. In some cases, it is released sooner.

Why do visits, numbers, and other metrics have decimal places in Excel and the API?

SimilarWeb shows fractions of numbers instead of rounding to the nearest whole number in the API and when downloading data to Excel.

Is Smart TV included in our data? (i.e., Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, PlayStation)


How are Dashboards shared?

If you would like to share a Dashboard with another user on your account, there will be a "Share" button on the Dashboard's top right-hand side. This will allow you to share your dashboard within your company (as view only) while only maintaining full editing permissions. For more information, see Building Your Own Dashboard.

Why do I now see different data for the same month that I checked in the past?

Generally, when users report seeing different numbers in the past compared to what they see now on SimilarWeb, the reason is usually a difference in filters used on the platform. For example, if in the past, you were using a specific country filter or device type, and then now you are using different filters.

Mobile Web Data: In May 2020, we noticed shifts in digital consumer behavior as a result of Covid, which provided us the opportunity to reevaluate our data inputs and double down on sources (Contributor Network and Partnerships) that reflected these unprecedented changes in the post-Covid market. We have since updated our MW algorithms to incorporate this expanded dataset into our industry-leading machine learning models. The data reinstatement is for May - November 2020. We have reinstated this data back to May 2020, when we recognized the shifts in digital consumer behavior. We made sure to adapt our algorithms and estimations to ensure continuity for period-over-period analysis of historical data (e.g., May 2019 / May 2020). As of December 1st, you can expect to see small accuracy gains across the board pertaining to Mobile Web (MW) traffic.

What metrics were impacted by the 2020 MW algo data reinstatement?

  • Mobile Visits - More accurate mobile/desktop share. In most cases, mobile traffic increases. In changing mobile share visit data, this has an impact on Total Visits (and Deduplicated Audience).

  • Total Visits - More accurate mobile/desktop share. In most cases, mobile traffic increases.

  • Mobile Unique Visitors (Daily/Monthly) - More accurate mobile/desktop share. In most cases, mobile traffic increases.

  • Deduplicated Audience - Increases to total audience. The ratio of total to mobile decreases.

  • Bounce Rate - Handling of edge scenarios, smoother data.

  • Visit Duration - Handling edge scenarios, smoother data.

Is voice-to-text counted in Similarweb's mobile web data?

If you ask Siri a question (or Google voice to text) and then click a link to be brought to a website with the answer, then yes, it will count as a mobile web visit.

My site is not listed in the correct industry; how can I change it?

Please reach out to your Account Manager.

Do you encrypt my password when I log in?

Yes, when logging into your account, your password is encrypted.

For more information, see Two-Step Verification.

How is my default country filter determined? Can I change it?

If you have multiple country filters worldwide, worldwide will be the default active country filter when you use the PRO. However, if you don't have worldwide, the default country filter is the first one listed in your subscription Information section under Account Settings.

Why does a subdomain have more visits than a main domain?

When a user goes from to it adds one visit to, one visit to, and only one (but not two) visits to (included subdomains). In cases where there is a lot of inner traffic (traffic between the sub-domain), we sometimes see that a specific sub-domain has more visits than the main domain+subdomain combined.

Why does a site have extremely high "pages per visit"?

This type of behavior is something we do come across from time to time. It usually occurs when sites use some methods/technologies to automate content loading and are especially common for shopping and eCommerce sites. In addition to auto-loading, some sites have URLs that change each time a user selects a different color/size when looking at a product. This causes requests to be resent, which we detect as clicks/events with our data collectors.

What is the "Paid Referrals" Ad Network under Ad Monetization?

"Paid Referrals" is just a general phrase to indicate the share of all Ad Networks that were not identified by Similarweb (that did not appear in our list of known Ad Networks).

What is your methodology for Unique Visitors? 

We see a unique ID per device through our anonymous behavioral data, which is translated into a unique user. Unlike other traffic analysis tools, Similarweb does not rely on cookies, which is considered an unstable methodology since cookies are susceptible to being manually or automatically deleted. For that reason, the cookie-based methodology will tend to overestimate unique visits and therefore show a higher number than what you’ll find in Similarweb data.

How do you report on website redirects?

Generally, permanent redirects will count as visits to the site the user ends up on. In cases where we track the redirect, only the final site will be attributed a visit. When we don't see the redirect (because of how it is set up by site architects, i.e., client-side redirects, server-side redirects, changes between HTTP(S) protocols, etc.), both the redirecting and final site will get a visit each.

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