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My site is not listed in the correct industry; how can I change it?

Please reach out to your Account Manager.

Social Traffic Questions

Why do I see non-social sites when analyzing social traffic sources? 

Non-social websites can appear in the Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Social > Overview section. This is due to indirect social referrals.

This can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Comments widgets of a certain social network that are incorporated in a regular domain.

  • Social news feed incorporated in a regular domain.

  • API integration: Most social networks offer a way of integrating some of their features through an API in non-social networks..

  • Social links in emails: A lot of your social traffic actually comes from links placed in emails, either through content or through social widgets integrated inside email platforms (This one explains why Gmail sometimes appears in this section).

Why can't I see Popular Pages for Social networks? 

Similarweb analyzes websites and apps, not users. Therefore, the Similarweb product does NOT include any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our product shows aggregated information for entire websites, apps, and groups of websites. Popular Pages shows the full URL and UTM structure for a page, which often contains PII for Social Networks, therefore we do not show this data.

Does ‘social’ include both paid and organic traffic? 

Currently, 'social' includes only organic traffic. Paid social traffic would fall under 'Display'. This is the reason why you may see or falling under both Social and Display.

How can be a referral on the Incoming Traffic/Referrals page? Shouldn't it always be classified as Search? can sometimes be a referring website. This even happens on Google Analytics, see understanding google[referral].

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