Organic Pages shows you the top pages that are driving organic traffic to a website.

Using the Top Organic Pages tool, you can evaluate the performance of an individual website -- examining their traffic share and traffic trends, the number of keywords driving traffic to the page, and the top keyword driving traffic to the page.

What is the Value?

Use Top Organic Pages to reverse engineer a website's organic search traffic in order to:

  • understand which pages are bringing the most organic traffic, and

  • analyze why that content is performing so well

Thus, giving you a direct view of your competitor's content strategy!

How to Use Top Organic Pages

To reveal which of your competitors' pages get the most organic traffic, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Search section in the Acquisition Channels module, and select a website to analyze.

    Note: This feature is available in multiple modules. See Feature Location.

Filter the table of URLs by:

Key metrics and insights per URL:

  • Keywords: Shows the number of keywords that generated traffic to the page (over the past 12 months)

  • Top Keywords: Keywords that bring the most traffic to the analyzed page.

Feature Location

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