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Do we categorize subdomains?

We don't categorize most subdomains; however, we do make some exceptions:

  • If the site's subdomain is in Similarweb's whitelist. For example, "weather" is in the whitelist. So could be categorized, but wouldn't be because the word “example” isn't in the whitelist.

  • If the site's main domain is in Similarweb's whitelist, then we will allow categorization of all of its subdomains. For example, "Blogspot" is in the whitelist. This way, different types of blog websites (all are subdomains of can be categorized differently. 

Can I view AMP data in subdomains?

Yes, AMP pages appear in the Subdomains section, if the AMP page is formatted with this URL structure

Can you change the category and/or the functionality of a subdomain?

No, you cannot change either unless they are on the list of whitelisted subdomains. You can submit a support ticket to determine if the subdomain in question is on the whitelist. 

Why does a subdomain have more visits than a main domain?

When a user goes from to it adds one visit to, one visit to, and only one (but not two) visits to (included subdomains). In cases where there is a lot of inner traffic (traffic between the sub-domain), we sometimes see that a specific sub-domain has more visits than the main domain+subdomain combined.

Can you aggregate/combine two websites into one? (For example, when one domain redirects to another.)

No, we can’t do this. We treat each individual URL domain as unique, and we don’t have anything in place to combine two domains into one.

Why are all country filters open, regardless of my subscription?

Top sites and creatives (under display traffic) are open country filters. Not every package has the creatives open, so it would only apply if you have a high enough subscription.

How does Similarweb measure the accuracy of categories?

Similarweb has a categorization engine that is based on a proprietary algorithm that both categorizes new sites and reviews sites that already have a category. The engine refreshes each month (alongside the monthly snapshot release). We have a dedicated team of data scientists who are constantly working to strengthen the accuracy of our categorization engine.

The algorithm is based on many inputs, such as: 

  • content on the website itself,

  • search keywords that drive traffic to the website,

  • incoming and outgoing link relationships between websites,

  • many more data points.

We can also re-categorize some sites manually (for example, if a request comes through to Support).

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