Discover potential affiliate partnerships by keyword and how to qualify these partners with metrics and insights.

What is the Value?

Affiliate managers looking for new websites to partner with can use the Keyword Affiliates tool to discover sites whose consumer intent matches their own.

How to Use

To find potential affiliates partners by keyword:

  1. Go to the Acquisition Channels module and find Industry Affiliates under the Affiliates section.

  2. Enter a Seed Keyword or choose a Keyword List.



    When entering a seed keyword, you are presented with "near match" phrase suggestions to choose from.

  3. Set your Geographic region, and click Find Affiliates.

  4. On the Affiliates based on keyword traffic page, you'll find the top referring websites for those keywords (and related terms), and several qualifying metrics to help you analyze if these domains fit your target audience's niche.


Using the keyword you provided, the tool generates a list of related keywords and retrieves the websites gaining traffic from this keyword list. 


The list can be edited by clicking the edit icon at the top of the page.

In the results table for Affiliates based on keywords, you will find several metrics to help you evaluate and qualify:

  • Referral Website: Potential affiliates receiving traffic from the generated list of keywords.

  • Traffic share: Share of traffic this site receives from the generated list of keywords.

  • Website Industry: Represents the website's category.

  • Monthly visits: Average monthly visits to the referral website (over the past 3 months).

  • Organic vs. Paid: The distribution of organic vs. paid visits to this website.

  • Top page: URL getting the most traffic for the top keyword of the generated list of keywords.


  • Apply the Website Industries and Website Type filters to customize your analysis.

  • Use the Search Bar to sort for results that include a specific term

  • Click the gear icon in the top right of the table and choose the metrics that are most useful to you which are either Keyword-based or Website-based.

Next Steps: Once you've identified affiliates of interest, select the checkbox next to each domain. Click Create a Partner List for further analysis and monitoring.

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