Similarweb devotes substantial time, effort, and resources to ensure our customers benefit from the most reliable data and keep customers’ account data secure. To this end, to ensure continued account security and to prevent unauthorized access, we are happy to announce that we have added two-step verification to the login process for users that log in from a second or third device.


Do you encrypt my password when I log in?

Yes, when logging into your account, your password is encrypted.

Why do I need to reset my password for a new device? 

To keep your information secure, we added two-step verification to your login process after logging in with more than one device. When a new device is being detected, we are taking additional precautions by verifying the login attempt was made by you (and no one else).

Why am I not getting the email with the verification code?

After checking your spam folder, check if there is a Similarweb address blocked by viewing your email settings or checking with your IT department for any limitations. Check the following email addresses: '' or ‘' If none of these worked, Support would help you generate a verification code without the email.

Note: if the user is unsubscribed from Similarweb emails, he/she can opt back in using the dialog box as part of the verification process

Why doesn't my verification code work?

A verification code expires after 3 minutes. If your code expires and you need to generate a new code, simply click on the resend code button. Make sure to use your code right when it’s being sent. Each code sent has a timestamp in the email subject line, so each code generates a new email rather than creating a thread.

Can I be exempted from this new process?

No, this verification process is being applied to all of our users for security purposes. Please share why you would like to be exempt, and we’ll work with you to find a solution and help you with any issues you’re experiencing.

We’re using multiple IP addresses (VPN); can we be exempted now?

No, using a VPN doesn’t trigger the authentication process. Only multiple devices do. 

My team and I share 1 login on multiple devices. What do you recommend I do?

Each login should be used by an individual user. We do not allow user sharing. Please contact your Account Manager to help you with adding new users to your account. 

Note: You can have three devices connected, which is the maximum number of devices that can be connected at once. If you are trying to connect from a 4th device, even if you have logged on from it in the past, you will receive a device verification prompt as well.

I sometimes work from home and use different computers. How many devices can I verify?

Users can verify up to three devices at once with no problem. A verification code will be sent when logging in.

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