In this article, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about data, metrics, and insights in Similarweb App Analysis.

Do you track activity within an app?

Similarweb App Analysis data offers insight into the overall performance of an app, including app rank, installs and downloads, and engagement metrics. User behavior and activity fully contained within the app is not currently measured.

How are Monthly Active Users (MAU) calculated?

We look at the total sessions over the month and display the average number of unique users we saw open the app in that month. So, if a user opened an app just once in the month, they'll qualify as a MAU in Similarweb App Analysis. 

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How does it differ from Daily Active Users (DAU?)

For DAU, the user just needs to open the app once in that day to be counted. We can then take this number and estimate an average for weekly or monthly time frames.

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When a user updates their app, does it count as another download? 

No. If a user has the app already and updates to a new version of the app (with the same package name), this will not count as another download of the app.

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