Segment Folder Analysis allows you to analyze traffic and engagement metrics for a specific section or "folder" of a website. With this feature, you can better understand the hierarchical structure of a website and assess how different sections are performing over time.


Begin your Segment Folder Analysis by selecting a domain. Click on Folder to browse segments within that domain or manually enter a specific term using the search bar. Use the String and Custom String features (available in Ultimate packages only) to refine your search further and customize your analyses. When you've selected the folders you want to include, see the Summary and verification module for the Segment Share and Monthly Visits within the last month. Use the Country filter to explore performance by country.

What is the Value?

Understand the macro trends of specific content folders and benchmark folders against competitors. Determine which sections of a website are increasing versus decreasing in traffic over time, and leverage these insights to optimize your digital strategy.

How to Use Segment Folder Analysis

Within Company Research > Segment Analysis, you can analyze traffic and engagement metrics for a specific section or "folder" of a website.

  1. Click + New Segment.

  2. Enter a website to analyze and from the drop-down list, select the segment type (Category/Line-of-business, Conversion goal, Brand, Topic, or Other). 

  3. Enter a name, and then click Next.

  4. Click Set Up My Segment and then Folders. Manually enter a term or section of interest, or use your mouse to scroll through and select predefined folders.

  5. Refine your analyses with the String and Custom String features, if desired, and then click Done.

    • String: Term or character in the website's URL structure

    • Custom String: Combination of terms, hyphens, and special characters within the website's URL structure 

    • Exact URL: Supports only URLs. As opposed to Custom String, this will not include subpages - pages located under the selected URL's hierarchy. This supports the analysis of the traffic of a selected page, exclusively. This supports the analysis of homepages, landing pages, categories, and product pages.

    • Folders: Sorts out the folders of a website and lists them by traffic share. You can select and analyze entire folders, and expand the experience of custom ctrings.

  6. Next, click Verify and Publish to view the Segment Share and Monthly Visits of your segment. Use the Country filter for country-by-country metrics over the last month. 

  7. Click Publish My Segment to save your analysis to My Segments and Shared Segments.

Segment Folder Analysis includes data for:

Note: You can view data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Use Case

  • Identify folder trends Analyze the macro traffic and segment share for specific sections within a website. 

  • Benchmark folder performance Compare a folder against similar folders across competitor websites.


Can I analyze "Folders" for every website using Segment Folder Analysis?

There may not be any publicly indexed data for a particular website. Certain folders may be excluded for the analyzed site (within the robots.txt file). Therefore, while some sites may forbid folder view, you may still use custom strings to build the segment of your choice.

Feature Location

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