Industry Trends allows you to explore online traffic data from over 200 industries. With the Traffic Share feature, you can select up to ten domains within an industry of choice and view the percent (or number) of online traffic sent to those domains. Each industry report is based on an index of the top 100 websites within the chosen category.

Adjust the time frame, geolocation, and traffic type to create your own customized analysis. Scroll down to see the granular traffic insights for each domain, including percent of traffic share, percent change in traffic share, website rank, monthly visits, desktop vs. mobile traffic, average visit duration, the average number of pages viewed per visit, and bounce rate.

What is the value?

Analyze trends in near real-time so that you can take action when it matters most -- not a quarter later. Create your own personalized view of your industry for in-depth analysis and make informed decisions that will help you grow your market share.

Business use cases: 

  • Market trends analysis analyzes the market dynamics within your industry and identifies the peaks and troughs to predict future trends.

  • Track digital market share monitors traffic share over time and sees which players are gaining or losing market share.

  • Spot the rising players and understand which companies are gaining traction based on the month-over-month change in traffic value, evaluate market fragmentation and potential threats.

How to Use

To explore industry trends: 

  1. From the Web Industry Analysis landing page, enter an industry.

    Note: You can choose from over 200 industries. 

  2. From the left menu, click Industry Trends

  3. Customize your analysis by adjusting the time frame, location, and traffic type options located at the top of the page. 

  4. Hover your mouse over the graph to view traffic share across each domain over time. Scroll down to view the domain-by-domain table of key metrics. 

  5. You can save your custom analysis for future reference by adding your graph to a new or existing dashboard using the + iconor by downloading your report using the Download Excel icon. 

Industry Trends includes data for:

Feature Location

Market Research > Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis > Industry Trends

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