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Audience Loyalty (BETA) for Website Analysis introduces a new metric for understanding audience engagement with a website in the context of the broader category. 

This feature enables you to benchmark audience loyalty for a selected website by showing you the percentage of monthly active users who visited that site versus other sites within the same industry. 

The chart shows a scale of audience loyalty from exclusively visited this site through 5+ other sites. You can hover over each grouping of website vs. category average to view the percentage comparison. Sites with greater loyalty show fewer additional sites visited.

What is the value?

View a website's audience loyalty as compared to the category average and better understand audience behavior. With Audience Loyalty (BETA) for Website Analysis, you can assess the size of potential audiences that can be targeted (and converted) to gain a competitive edge.

How to Use

To determine audience loyalty: 

  1. From Market Research > Company Research > Website Analysis, enter a website you would like to analyze. 

  2. Customize your analysis by adjusting the timeframe and location filters located at the top of the page. 

  3. From the left menu, select Audience > Audience Loyalty

  4. Hover over the bar chart to view the percentage breakdown of audience loyalty for the website versus the category average.

Audience Loyalty includes data for:

Business Use Cases

  • Analyze audience loyalty of any website: Identify which website has the greatest traffic share of audience loyalty. 

  • Benchmark audience performance: Compare audience loyalty across websites (within the same industry) to improve retention and engagement metrics


Why is data not showing for some sites?

There is a threshold (an average) of more than 5,000 desktop visits to a site. If a site does not meet the threshold, data won't be shown.

Feature Location

Market Research > Company Research > Website Analysis > Audience > Audience Loyalty

Try out Audience Loyalty now.

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