Measure Audience Loyalty by Industry

Determine audience loyalty within a predefined industry or a custom industry by evaluating visitors who either visited just one or more domains in an industry. Audience Loyalty shows the proportion of monthly active users who visited one site versus other sites within the same category and is presented on a spectrum from "Exclusively this site" to "Visited 6 Sites or More."


The first widget displays the Audience Loyalty Average based on an index of the Top 100 websites in this category. The table below expands the Audience Loyalty Average by providing the loyalty score for each domain within the Top 100 Index, as well as associated data points like Traffic Share, Monthly Visits, Pages/ Visit, Bounce Rate, Visit Duration, Visited 1 Site Only, and the Audience Loyalty Distribution spectrum. There, you can use the Traffic Share and Visited 1 Site Only columns to sort the websites within your selected industry and to identify which of those sites have the most loyal users.

What is the Value?

Audience Loyalty provides you with an overview of audience behavior at the industry level and helps you evaluate whether your audience is more or less likely to visit competitor sites.

How to Use Audience Loyalty

Within Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis, you can compare audience loyalty metrics for an industry.


  • Hover your mouse over the Audience Loyalty Average spectrum to view the percentage breakdown of loyal users for your selected industry. 

  • Scroll down to view the domain-by-domain table of associated metrics, including the Audience Loyalty Distribution for each website. Explore audience loyalty by sorting with filters like Traffic Share.  

  • Save your custom analysis for future reference by downloading your report with the Download Excel icon.

Audience Loyalty includes data for:

Use Case

  • Keep a pulse on audience loyalty. Analyze average audience loyalty to benchmark your company against your competitors or the industry average.

  • Discover which players have the most loyal audience.

  • See the distribution of audience loyalty across individual sites to identify which sites have the most loyal audience and where you can win back audience share.

Feature Location

Try it out! Web Industry Analysis > Audience > Audience Loyalty

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