Get Alerted When Your Advertisers Start Working with a New Advertising Network

In the competitive world of AdTech, you are constantly competing for a share of an advertiser's budget with your competitors. Understanding as soon as an advertiser starts working with one of your competitors can allow you to act quickly to both protect and even grow your share of wallet with a specific advertiser, or provide a hook for a conversation if the advertiser is not already a customer.

Learn how to manage your list of current advertisers/prospects and get alerted to changes in their advertising network composition.

We’ll cover the following questions:

Why do I want to know if an advertiser starts working with a new advertising network?

If a current advertiser starts working with a new advertising network, this can be a risk that they will allocate their display advertising budget differently, for example directing spend which previously went through your advertising network to a competitor.

It also can show an indication that there is a change in marketing strategy, with advertisers trying to reach a new audience or through a new type of display advertising. This can be a signal that it may be a good opportunity to discuss with the advertiser's ways you can help them to reach these new audiences. For example, if you see an advertiser start working with a network that specializes in retargeting, you could reach out to offer a trial of your retargeting product in the hope to capture some additional budget.

If you see a prospect starting to work with a new AdNetwork, it can be a good signal they are making changes to their marketing strategy and can be a good signal that it is the right time to reach out.

What should I do when I receive an alert?

  • If you receive an alert, this is a strong signal for action. 

  • If the advertiser is already a customer you may want to explore options to protect revenue, for example, emphasize your strength over the new AdNetwork (e.g. more relevant audience), or evaluate pricing with this specific advertiser.

  • If the advertiser is a prospect, the signal suggests that they are reallocating budgets. Capitalize on this, by reaching out to offer a head-to-head comparison with the new advertising network to demonstrate your value.

How do I track my list of advertisers?

To add a current customer or an existing list of prospects, see Track Existing Leads/Customers.

If you want to find new advertisers, see Generating New Leads.

How do I view the alerts?

  1. Go to your leads list.

  2. Select New ad network > Sales Signal.


    You will then see all the leads which have recently started working with new ad networks. The number donates the number of new ad networks they have started working with.

  3. Click a specific account in the list to view the new AdNetworks they started working with. An AdNetwork is defined as new when the advertiser received display visits through this Ad Network in the last month, but they did not receive any visits from this Ad Network in the 6 months preceding this.

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