How a Social Media Post Can Increase the Traffic & Sales to your Site

In this article, we will look at the Social tab and the Outgoing Links under Website Analysis to see the influence a social media post has to the subsequent sales of a shopping site.

Introduction is a USA-based fashion shopping website whose traffic is relatively consistent, standing at an average of 80K daily visits (around 2 Million monthly visits). However, on August 28th, received a record of almost 600K visits in one day (higher than Black Friday!). We wanted to see what caused this spike in traffic and the impact this had on


Website Analysis > Website Audience > Overview > August - September 2016

The Spike in Traffic

We saw that the spike in traffic was coming from Social traffic:


Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Overview > June - October 2016

We drilled down into Social in order to discover the source of the spike in traffic:


Website Analysis > Traffic Sources > Social > August 2016

We can see that there was a massive influx of traffic from a post. The comment on the post, followed by tweets and re-tweets, brought a huge spike of traffic for Finding the comment on a Reddit post can be challenging, first right-click on your mouse and select “View Source,” and then type "Control F" to find "," the comment will then be visible:


Golden Goose Distressed Superstar Sneakers (Sold out!) became a hit on Barneys, mostly through Social Media:


Evaluating the Effect on Sales

By comparing Outgoing Traffic to Barney’s payment gateway to previous months, we can see that there was a direct correlation between the increased traffic from the Reddit post to increased sales on (their payment gateway):


Outgoing Links for Website Analysis > Traffic Destination > Outgoing Links > July 2016


Outgoing Links for Website Analysis > Traffic Destination > Outgoing Links > August 2016


It is amazing how one post on Reddit can drive almost 8 times the average amount of monthly traffic for Not only did benefit from an increase in visits to their website but also an increase in sales as well.

Trending Social posts can drive high traction to your website. Use Similarweb to see which Social networks are driving traffic to your competitors and keep updated on which posts or content are trending.

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