Viewing Seasonal Keywords


The Seasonal Keywords page allows you to deep dive into keywords in any category based on seasonality. You will see seasonal keywords based on the selected industry. In addition, you can see a yearly view and be able to identify the months of the year in which a keyword saw a significant increase in traffic.

What is the value?

By using seasonality insights as part of your SEO strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage by being the first mover in a variety of critical areas for SEO optimization. 

If you’re an SEO Manager, for example, the yearly view will allow you to plan your editorial calendar, discover additional topics in your industry where you can gain traffic, and build content when a topic is about to trend.

In addition, the content you create will be reusable the following year. Therefore, you can start planning early to anticipate traffic spikes for the coming years.

How to Use

To view seasonal keywords:

  1. Within the Research module, click Web Category Analysis

  2. In the Search section, click Seasonal Keywords.

  3. From the All Categories drop-down list, select a relevant category to analyze. A list of seasonal keywords for that category will be displayed.

In the table, you can see:

  • Keyword: Seasonal words and phrases that people enter into search engines.

    Note: Drill down into more details by clicking a keyword.

  • Calendar: Months of the year in which keywords drove a significant increase in search traffic. The default is a yearly view, but you can filter by a specific month.

  • Traffic Share: Percentage of search traffic sent to the category.

  • Volume: Average number of monthly searches for the analyzed keyword(s) in Google (over the last 12 months).

  • CPC: Average price that advertisers paid for a click on their ad in Google’s paid search results (over the last 12 months).

  • Org/Paid: Distribution of organic versus paid search traffic.

  • Traffic Leader: Site receiving the most search traffic from the specific keyword.

You can filter by:

  • Trending in any month: Select a specific month(s) to view keywords that drove a significant increase in search traffic in that month

  • Branded and non-branded: Breakdown between all keywords or non-branded keywords. For example, if a branded search term is popular during a specific month, the brand team can create specific marketing campaigns targeting those keywords.


Digital Marketing > Keyword Research > Find Keywords (Industry) > Seasonal Keywords

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