Discover the seasonal patterns of top keywords in your industry to help optimize your keyword strategy.


What is the Value?

Gain a competitive advantage by using keywords seasonality insights as part of your SEO and content strategy. The Keyword Seasonality tool generates a list of the top seasonal keywords for any industry, or custom industry, and highlights the months in which those search terms gain the most traffic.

Using the insights, SEO, PPC, and content managers can:

  • Plan their editorial calendar based on monthly and yearly keyword search patterns

  • Discover new topics to focus content on and pinpoint when to target those terms

  • Anticipate spikes in traffic well in advance based on seasonal trends

  • Launch timely campaigns and adapt strategies according to monthly trends

  • Plan for evergreen campaigns to be used from year to year

How to Use

  1. From the sidebar, navigate to Keyword Opportunities > Keyword Seasonality.

  2. Choose a predefined Industry or a custom industry.

    Tip: Creating a custom industry allows you to define the websites to be included in your research. A custom industry can include up to 300 websites.

  3. Click See Keywords.

  4. The Keyword Seasonality page lists the top seasonal keywords in the selected industry and many valuable traffic metrics to help qualify each term.

    Use the filters to further tailor your research:

    • Filter by month: Select a specific month(s) and see keywords that drove significant search traffic in that month.

    • Branded or Non-Branded: Use this filter to further focus your research. Consider looking at Non-Branded keywords to remove terms with a specific brand name.

    • Any CPC: You can specify a spend range and adjust the search result to a targeted amount.

    • Any Volume: You can specify the traffic volume range to filter the result based on targeted search traffic.

  5. To view search interests over time for a specific keyword, click the arrow next to the keyword to see a monthly breakdown.


    Tip: Get in-depth data on each keyword and explore more relevant results by clicking See More On Google Trends. While we display the relevant keywords per industry, Google Trends shows the relative popularity of a search query within the analyzed country.

  6. Once you've identified top keywords of interest, save them to a custom keyword list to easily monitor in the future.

Glossary of Insights
  • Keyword: Seasonal words and phrases that people enter into search engines.

    Note: Drill down into more details by clicking a keyword.

  • Calendar: Months of the year in which keywords drove a significant increase in search traffic. The default is a yearly view, but you can filter by a specific month.

  • Traffic Share: Percentage of search traffic sent to the category.

  • Organic vs. Paid: Distribution of organic versus paid search traffic.


How do we measure and define seasonal keywords?

Our seasonal keywords algorithm analyzes traffic fluctuations per keyword, taking into account 4 years of historical data. If our algorithm sees that a keyword spikes in traffic every year during the same time, we classify the keyword as seasonal during the relevant months.

For example, traffic for the keyword "candy hearts" spikes around February (i.e. Valentines Day) every year and so our algorithm marks this keyword as a seasonal keyword in February.

Feature Location

Try it now! Keyword Seasonality > Select an industry.

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