The Similarweb Research Intelligence video library contains many quick tutorials to help you get started using Similarweb and learn how to use many of the valuable tools and metrics. 

How to set up My Similarweb

Get Started with Similarweb

Navigating the Platform

Overview of the Similarweb platform and some tips on how to get the most out of your Similarweb experience. Learn more.

Inviting Users to Similarweb

Learn how to add users to a Similarweb account in this short video. Learn more.

Build Your Dashboard

Choose from a template or create your own custom dashboard to track the reports and data most important to you. Learn more.

Create an Arena

Create an Arena that contains the websites you're interested in tracking and get a full view of your competitive landscape. Learn more.

How to conduct Market Research in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Research Your Competitor’s Digital Performance


Step 2: Build a Custom Industry

Step 3: Analyze Your Competitive Landscape


Step 4: Understand Audience Behavior

Once you've completed the steps above, build your dashboard to keep track all of the data and insights you've identified.

How to use Segment Analysis and Media Planning

Analyze Website Segments

Get complete visibility into the performance of a particular line of business, category, topic, or brand on any website. Learn more.


Plan Your Media Strategy

Plan smart data-driven media marketing campaigns by leveraging Similarweb's our premium data.

How to use Conversion Analysis

Conversion Analysis Explainer by Similarweb


Using Conversion Analysis

Use Conversion Analysis to optimize your online conversion rate and grow your business.


Measure the quality of incoming traffic and efficiency of traffic conversions, and discover threats and opportunities down to a product level. Learn more.

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