Digital Research Intelligence Educational Videos

Introduction to Research Intelligence

Research Intelligence Explainer Video

Explore your market. Understand your audience. Discover industry trends, analyze competitive performance, and understand audience behavior with Similarweb Research Intelligence.

Getting Started

Workspace Arenas

Creating an Arena is done in the Workspace environment. An Arena is where you add the website you'd like to analyze along with competitors to view a competitive landscape.


Segments Analysis

Segments Analysis allows you to gain complete visibility into the performance of a particular line of business, category, topic, or brand on any website - in a way that is easy to understand and benchmark against.

Building Your Own Market View

In this video tutorial we’ll teach you how to analyze your market by creating a personalized view using Custom Categories.


Conversion Analysis by SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb's Conversion Analysis helps you optimize your online conversion rate and grow your business.

Conversion Analysis

With Conversion Analysis, you can measure overall quality of incoming traffic, understand how efficiently domains are converting traffic, use channel conversion to pinpoint sources of low quality traffic to focus on adjusting, and see how onsite search can pinpoint threats and opportunities down to a product level.

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