View Website Performance for Market Research

The Website Performance page provides key traffic metrics and performance insights for your website. Add up to four additional websites and see how your site compares to the competition.

What is the Value?

The Website Performance page provides a broad overview of the key traffic insights for your website, including data on traffic and engagement, visits over time, traffic share by geographic region, top organic and paid search terms, marketing channel traffic distributions, and more.

Use this "at-a-glance" view for a quick and comprehensive competitive analysis of your site's traffic, and add up to 4 competitor sites to gain valuable insights on the landscape of your competition.

How to Use Website Performance

To get a comprehensive view of your traffic insights, analyze the website. Then, add your competitor sites to conduct a competitive analysis of the insights.

  1. Click +Compare to add up to four more sites.

  2. Using the filters in the upper right, set additional data parameters: time period, geographic region, and data type (All Traffic, Desktop, Moblie).

    Note: The country options depend on Similarweb package

Traffic & Engagement

Visits and ranking metrics and definitions:


Using Key Insights:

Key Engagement metrics and definitions:



Additional engagement metrics:



  • Use the Visits Over Time graph to view traffic data trends at granular levels: daily, weekly, and monthly.

  • The Geography graph shows the top five countries sending traffic to each of the analyzed websites, and their percentage of total traffic share.

    Focus your strategy on countries you are doing well in, or conversely, put more effort into countries with low numbers.

Marketing Channels

The Channels overview, shows the percentage of incoming traffic from each marketing channel.


Key metrics and definitions:

Organic/Paid Search Terms


See the top organic and paid search terms bringing traffic to the analyzed sites, and the distribution of that traffic among the competitive set for each of these terms.


Tip: Use summaries/hints to see your keyword winners and find opportunities. Click View Keywords for more in-depth insights with relevant filters applied.


See the top websites and categories sending traffic to you and your competitors. Analyze traffic share and the traffic split. Hover of the domain to see the site ranks and monthly visits.

For more information, see Incoming Traffic Insights.

Social Traffic

This section shows the leading social networks that drove traffic to the selected site on desktop. This includes sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Douban, and others.

Display Advertising

This section includes a breakdown of the top advertising networks that delivered ads on desktop and top publishers that referred advertising traffic to the selected website on desktop. It includes percentages indicating the share of total traffic and month-over-month change.

Note: Hover over the bars to the right of each section where they exist (Organic/Paid, Referrals, Social Traffic, Display Advertising) to see a breakdown by whole numbers or percentages in compare mode. See how that channel compares to the other channels or how a website’s channel compares to competitors.

Feature Location

Try it now! Competitive Analysis > Enter a website and go to Website Performance.

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