Using Website Performance, you will be able to identify key insights on your business by not only seeing the overall performance but comparing it with other websites. This will allow you to make informed suggestions based on the competitive landscape.

What is the Value?

The Website Performance page aims to provide you with a top-level overview of how each marketing channel is performing at driving traffic to the site/s selected.

You can get a quick glance at key traffic insights like visits over time, engagement summary, geographic breakdown, organic and paid search highlights, top referring websites and categories, and much more.

Having that "at-a-glance" view allows a quick understanding of general website performance.

How to Use

To build your analysis:

  1. From Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis, enter a website you would like to analyze.

  2. Click Compare and add up to 4 of your competitors.

  3. From the left menu, select Overview > Website Performance.

  4. You can apply any of the filters to narrow down your list.

Traffic & Engagement

In this section, you can see:

In the Engagement overview area, you can see:


  • In the Visits Over Time graph, you can see visits to your domains and compare them to visits of your competitors.

  • In the Geography graph, you can see the top five countries sending traffic to the website. It includes percentages indicating the share of total traffic and month over month change. This can help you focus your strategy on countries you are doing well in, or conversely, put more effort into countries with low numbers.

Marketing Channels

This section shows the Channels overview, which is the percentage of incoming traffic from each marketing channel.

Incoming traffic includes:

Organic/Paid Search

In this section, you can see a breakdown of organic and paid search in percentages. You can also see the top search terms filtered by organic and paid.

Note: You can see summaries/hints of different types of keywords that can be discovered. Clicking the link within these tips will take you to more in-depth insights with relevant filters already selected.


In this section, you can see the top websites sending traffic to your site. You can also see the top categories driving traffic to your site.

For more information, see Incoming Traffic Insights.

Outgoing Traffic

This section shows Top Links Destinations, which shows the top websites that the selected website directs traffic to. It includes percentages indicating the share of total traffic and month over month change.

The Top Ads Destinations shows the top websites receiving traffic via ads from the selected websites. It includes percentages indicating the share of total traffic and month over month change.

Social Traffic

This section shows the leading social networks that drove traffic to the selected site on desktop. This includes sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Douban, and others.

Display Advertising

This section includes a breakdown of the top advertising networks that delivered ads on desktop and top publishers that referred advertising traffic to the selected website on desktop. It includes percentages indicating the share of total traffic and month over month change.

Note: Hover over the bars to the right of each section where they exist (Organic/Paid, Referrals, Social Traffic, Display Advertising) to see a breakdown by whole numbers or percentages in compare mode. See how that channel compares to the other channels or how a website’s channel compares to competitors.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Overview > Website Performance

Research Intelligence > Company Research > Website Analysis > Overview > Website Performance

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