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Marketing Managers

Marketing Channels Overview

Within Marketing Channels, you can see a breakdown of traffic by channel for both desktop and mobile web.


Search Keyword Analysis

The Search Keywords Analysis module allows you to take an in-depth look into any keyword. This enables you to understand the competitive landscape for any search term worldwide, or for a specific country.

Organic Search Overview

The Organic Search Overview tab provides you with a high level view of organic search traffic and engagement metrics for you and your competitors. See where you’re winning, losing, and find opportunities to help your SEO strategy.

Building a Keyword List

With your Keyword list, you can see whether your website or the competitors are winning search traffic on your target keywords, and if the keywords in your list are the most relevant keywords (based on if they are increasing or declining in traffic from the previous month).


Display Traffic Overview

In this video, we’ll explain how you can increase the ROI on your advertising budget, discover new opportunities with publishers & ad networks, view your competitors’ creatives and videos, and develop the right messaging & formats to draw high converting traffic to your site.


Find Affiliate Opportunities

SimilarWeb helps you find the most relevant affiliate opportunities. We identify an initial set of websites similar to those in your arena and reveal which affiliate websites are driving them traffic.

Incoming Traffic Insights

The Incoming Traffic page is an ideal way to view overall referral traffic as well as a breakdown of websites referring traffic to your site - this way, you can see if your marketing strategy works.

Use Case

Media Planner

Welcome to SimilarWeb - we appreciate your interest. We serve thousands of Agencies around the world, which includes media planners, buyers, and strategists that are utilizing our premium data.

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