Get an overview of the traffic metrics and insights for an analyzed keyword or keyword group on the Keyword Analysis Overview page.


What is the Value?

Get a broad look at the performance of a keyword or keyword group across a variety of metrics and measures. To begin your keyword analysis, from the Keyword Overview page you can:

  • Evaluate search volume, visits, and CPC

  • Understand which sites are competing for search traffic

  • See which SERP features are available

  • Find related keyword ideas

  • See the Top Ads earning search traffic

Note: Click the PDF icon to download your keyword overview details to a formatted PDF file.

How to Use

Working within the Digital Marketing Intelligence solution:

  1. From the sidebar menu, select Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords.

  2. Enter a Keyword or select a Keyword List to be analyzed.

    Note: To create a new keyword list, click + New List.

The Overview page offers a broad scope of metrics and insights related to the performance of the analyzed keyword(s).

Note that this is an overview page. Use the 'See More' links to further explore specific metrics and insights.


Metrics and Insights

The Search Volume, Search Visits and CPC metrics indicate the amount of search traffic, and the investment made, for the analyzed keyword(s)

  • The Search Volume metric reveals the popularity of a keyword

  • Compare Search Volume to Search Visits to determine the real values of popular keywords for destination sites.

  • CPC: Estimated prices per click payable for Google search ads relating to keywords in this group (over the last 30 days)

    Take note of the CPC price estimation and assess the demand for a particular keyword.

Top Competing Websites: shows the top five sites competing for organic, paid, and mobile traffic for the keyword(s). Check out the monthly traffic share and take note of the traffic trends. A change in traffic trend could indicate a change in strategy or seasonality.

SERP Features: Lists which SERP features are available for the analyzed keyword(s). Learn more about SERP features .

Keyword Ideas: Get a list of keyword ideas that are related to the analyzed keyword(s), including:

  • Phrase Match keywords are terms that contain the seed word with some variations

  • Related Keywords are terms match the intent of the seed word based on how people search for a product, topic, or service

  • Top Categories: shows the list of top industry categories (e.g., e-commerce, shopping, etc.) receiving the most traffic for the analyzed keyword

  • Trending Keywords in Category: are newly popular keywords in the group

Top Search Ads and Top Product Ads: view the top ads receiving search traffic from the analyzed keyword(s).


Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Overview

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