The Keyword Overview page shows you a summary of your keyword or keyword group with metrics, such as search volume, visits, CPC, competition level, keyword ideas, and more.

Note: Click the PDF icon to download your keyword overview details to a formatted PDF file.

What is the Value?

This will allow you to see a comprehensive overview of the keyword searched to better discover what you need to qualify a keyword.

For example, if you create a keyword group with iPhone as the seed keyword, you can receive a quick summary of search volume and visits to your keyword group. This will let you know the popularity. Furthermore, you can see the websites that are competing for these keywords, both on desktop and mobile, to help you decide where to focus your efforts.

How to Use

  1. From Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords, enter the keyword or keyword list you would like to analyze.

  2. From the left menu, select Overview.

You can see:

  • CPC: Estimated prices per click payable for Google search ads relating to keywords in this group (over the last 30 days)

These metrics help you understand the amount of traffic and investment for the keyword searched.

In the Top competing websites section, you can see the top five sites receiving traffic for your keyword group for organic, paid, and mobile competitors, with monthly traffic share and trends. The monthly traffic share is equal to 100%. The traffic trend shows keyword seasonality and recently trending keywords.

This shows who is winning with organic and paid traffic and how well mobile traffic is performing.

SERP Features

See which SERP features exist for a particular keyword and how many websites were identified for those keywords (with the ability to view a few of them). See a full list of SERP features available on Similarweb.

Keyword Ideas

In the Keyword ideas section, you can see:

  • Phrase Match: Results containing the seed keyword, with some variations

  • Related Keywords: Results matching the intent of the seed keyword based on how people search for a product, topic, or service

  • Top Categories: Results are filtered per category to understand which categories (e.g., e-commerce, shopping, etc.) are receiving the most traffic for your keyword

  • Trending Keywords in Category: Newly popular keywords in the group in the selected time frame and country, to determine seasonality and latest trends

This helps you understand which keywords are working to help with your SEO, PPC, and Content strategy.

In addition, you can see the Top Ads and Top Product Ads on desktop.

Note: Clicking on the links will open the URL in a new tab.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Overview

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