Find a high-level overview of a website's Display Advertising strategy with the Display Traffic Overview page. Identify when and where websites have placed ads, and delve into traffic and engagement metrics of display advertising traffic generated by clicks on display and video ads.

What is the value?

Monitor quality traffic and understand the competition for display ads. See how other websites use display advertising in their strategies to help understand how you can optimize your display tactics to reach your target audience.

How to use the Display Traffic Overview page

To view display traffic and engagement metrics for up to five sites, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Competitive Analysis module, find Display > Overview.

Key metrics & insights:

Within the Display traffic & engagement graph, you can see the following engagement metrics over time:


How do you classify display advertisement traffic from Social Networks?

If the social network (like Facebook, Youtube, etc.) use their own ad network, the data will appear as Social (we don’t distinguish paid Social currently). If the social traffic came through a 3rd party ad network, as long as it’s one that we are able to identify, the data will be classified as Display.

Why do I see as a publisher in the Display module?

Some Google Discovery ads run from within Gmail, such as promotions for certain items, which appear as a display ad in an email.

Because Google Display Network (GDN) is one of our known ad networks, most traffic via Google Discovery ads should be classified as Display traffic. If there are cases where we cannot detect the ad network, this traffic would most likely be classified as Email traffic.

Feature Location

Try it now! Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Display > Overview.

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