In this section, you will see a summary of all the key display metrics, and further down, an overview of display traffic and engagement metrics showing traffic generated by clicks on display and video ads.

What is the Value?

You can monitor quality traffic and understand the competition for display ads. See how other websites use display in their strategies. This will help you reach your audience.

How to Use the Display Traffic Page

Within Competitive Analysis > Display > Overview, you can view display traffic and engagement metrics for up to five sites.

You can see:

In the graph, you can see:


How do you classify display advertisement traffic from Social Networks?

If the social network (like Facebook, Youtube, etc.) use their own ad network, the data will appear as Social (we don’t distinguish paid Social currently). If the social traffic came through a 3rd party ad network, as long as it’s one that we are able to identify, the data will be classified as Display.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis > Display > Overview

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