Create new opportunities to grow your share of mobile-web traffic by discovering the top keywords and keyword competitors in the mobile space.




What is the value of mobile search traffic insights?

Keyword search analysis is not just about desktop web traffic. To do proper keyword research, it's crucial to consider the data and insights from search traffic that come from mobile-web as well.

With Mobile Traffic tools, you get an in-depth view of the mobile-web search volume for any keyword, and a detailed look at who is earning the lions-share of that traffic. Compare your search traffic share to your competitor(s), and consider optimizing on for Mobile Web.

Using mobile search insights, you can:

  • Find search volume for a keyword(s) and see the split between mobile and desktop traffic

  • Evaluate the competitive landscape for any keyword and drill down by industry, site type, paid or organic traffic, and more

  • See who is getting the most traffic share for a keyword on mobile

  • Monitor for trends, evaluate for trends over time -- including monthly or weekly granularity

How to Use

Login to Similarweb and go to the Acquisition Channels module:

  1. Within the SEO toolset, navigate to Keyword Analysis.

  2. Enter a Keyword or select a Keyword List to analyze.

    Note: Click +New List to create a keyword list. Creating keyword lists allow you to easily analyze and monitor search terms of interest. See How to Create a Keyword List for more information

Key Metrics & Insights
  • Note: Look at the traffic split between desktop and mobile volume

  • CPC: Estimated cost per click of the keyword (from the past 30 days)


Mobile Traffic Distribution: a visual view of the keyword Traffic Share per website domain, month by month.  Use the checkboxes to select domains to include or try the search bar to find a particular domain.

  • Traffic Share: See the monthly traffic share for up to 10 domains

  • Traffic Trends: See the distribution of monthly traffic share for up to 10 domains. Get a sense of seasonality and trends of keywords

    Note: For more information about these Traffic Distribution views, see FAQs.


Keyword Mobile Traffic Breakdown:

Use the filters to refine the results. Filter to see either organic or paid traffic and discover competitors in each one of these areas. You can also filter to view competitors in a particular industry or website type and discover which one of these sites uses AMP.

In the table:

  • Domain: List of analyzed domains

  • Traffic Share: Website’s share of mobile traffic generated by the keyword


TIP: Monitor the performance of a brand, product line, campaign, or marketing initiative over time by creating and saving a keyword group of 200 keywords. For more information on creating your own keyword list, see Creating a Keyword List.


Feature Location

Try it now! Analyze Keywords > Mobile Traffic.

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