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Similarweb Pro Mobile Competitors enables you to uncover your keyword competitors on Mobile Web-based on the actual traffic (ie, anonymous behavioral data) generated by a particular keyword.

By seeing mobile competitors, you can:

  • understand the competitive landscape for any keyword,

  • discover which websites are getting the most traffic share for a keyword on mobile, and

  • monitor the traffic share of any keyword over time in monthly or weekly granularity.

What is the Value?

The Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Mobile Competitors page is an ideal way to analyze the nature of which websites are getting the highest traffic share for terms specifically on Mobile Web.

Afterward, you can see how your search traffic share compares to your competitor(s) by monitoring the Traffic Distribution chart. Remember, if a competitor is growing in traffic share for a term, considering optimizing on Mobile Web and monitoring your share over time.

How to Use

To see mobile competitors:

  1. From Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords, enter a keyword.

  2. Within Analyze Keywords, click Mobile Competitors.

    The analyzed keyword’s mobile traffic breakdown is displayed.

Note: You can easily get a broader view of your market share by filtering to the last 12 months or more. Since Similarweb doesn’t break out Paid vs Organic in Mobile Web, it looks at both under Search Traffic.

You can see:

  • CPC: Estimated price that advertisers pay to buy the search word in Google Adwords in the selected country (from the past 30 days)

In the graph, you can see:

  • Traffic Share: Reveals the traffic trends over time of the top 10 sites from your keyword or keyword group

  • Market Share: Distribution of monthly traffic share for up to 10 chosen domains

In the table, you can see:

  • Domain: List of all the domains that receive traffic from a given keyword or group

  • Traffic Share: Website’s share of mobile traffic generated by the keyword

TIP: Monitor the performance of a brand, product line, campaign, or marketing initiative over time by creating and saving a keyword group of 200 keywords. For more information on creating your own keyword list, see Creating a Keyword List.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Mobile Competitors

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