Find the top-performing paid search ads generated by a particular keyword and identify the sites gaining traffic from these ads. Use this information to inform your own paid search strategies.


What is the Value?

With the Search Ads page, you can:

  • Understand the competitive landscape for any paid search keyword

  • Discover which websites have the top ads and their average position in the SERP

  • Understand what landing pages are being used for the paid search ads to see if the keywords are relevant to the landing page

  • Understand what copy they are using in their paid search ads and use it to inform your strategy

How to use search ads

To identify the top-performing search engine ads by keyword or keyword list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Paid Search module in Acquisiton Channels.

  2. Within Keyword Analysis, click Search Ads.

  3. Enter a keyword or select a keyword list and view the search ad variations.


Tip: You can easily get a broader view of your market share by filtering to the last 12 months or more.


Key metrics & insights:

  • Domains: Every website that appeared for the keyword(s) the user provided.

  • Landing Page: Full URL of the domain getting traffic from the ad.

Feature Location

Try it now! Search Ads > Enter a keyword or keyword list.

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