Similarweb Top Ads enables you to uncover your websites for paid search ads based on the actual traffic (ie anonymous behavioral data) generated by a particular keyword.

With top ads, you can:

  • understand the competitive landscape for any paid search keyword,

  • discover which websites have the top ads and their average position in the SERP,

  • understand what landing pages are being used for the paid search ads to see if the keywords are relevant to the landing page, and

  • understand what copy they are using in their paid search ads and use it to inform your strategy.

What is the Value?

The Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Top Search Ads page is an ideal way to analyze the top paid search ads for a particular keyword. Afterward, you can use this information to inform your own paid search strategies.

How to Use

To see top ads:

  1. From Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords, enter a keyword.

  2. Within Analyze Keywords, click Top Search Ads.

    Top Ads list search ad variations for the Keyword or Keyword Group that you have set will be displayed.

Note: You can easily get a broader view of your market share by filtering to the last 12 months or more.

In the table, you can see:

  • Domains: Every website that appeared for the keyword(s) the user-provided.

  • Landing Page: Full URL of the domain getting traffic from the ad.

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Top Search Ads

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