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Similarweb PRO Keyword Analysis enables you to uncover the digital market share for any keyword on the web, based on the actual traffic (i.e. anonymous behavioral data) generated by a particular keyword to any site on all search engines.

What is the value?

  • Discover which websites are getting the most traffic share from each keyword

  • Understand who are you competing within the Search realm, as well as identify strategic partners for backlinks and content placements.

  • Monitor the traffic share of any keyword over time in monthly or weekly granularity

  • See who is suddenly or consistently gaining or losing market share from a certain keyword or group of keywords.

  • Perform post-campaign analysis following specific events & dates (e.g. Elections, Black Friday, etc.) and see the traffic share split between you and your competitors.

  • Optimize your SEO, PPC, and Content campaigns

  • Drive high-intent traffic to your business and increase your digital market share

How to Use

To see paid keywords:

  1. From Digital Markerting > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords, enter a keyword.

  2. Within Analyze Keywords, click Paid Competitors.

    A list of exact matches for the paid keyword or keyword group is displayed.

You can see:

  • Search Volume: Monthly average of searches performed for the keyword in Google (over the last 12 months).

  • Search Visits: Monthly average of completed search visits where a user clicks on a search result to get to a non-search engine page.

    Note: Compare Search Volume to Search Visits to determine the real value of popular keywords for destination sites.

  • CPC: Estimated price that advertisers pay to buy the search word in Google Adwords in the selected country from the past 30 days. Take note of the CPC price estimation, so you can further assess the demand for a particular keyword.

  • Traffic Trend: Scale the graph to the maximum traffic point during the period being analyzed to highlight any gains and losses in traffic over time. This view helps to identify seasonality and time-specific trends for keywords.

  • Market Share: Traditional monthly/weekly/daily market share distribution of traffic from a given keyword or group to your competitive set.

In the table, you can see the following metrics:

  • Domain: List of all the domains that receive traffic from a given keyword or group

  • Traffic Share: Website’s share of mobile traffic generated by the keyword

  • Change: Month-over-month change in traffic volume by percentage (based on the selected time period).

  • Position: URL’s organic position on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) (in the last 30 days).

  • Destination URL: Traffic from the selected keyword is sent to this URL.

  • Website Categories: Category best describing the website.

  • Featured: Indicates if the Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) listing was featured by Google.


Digital Marketing > Keyword Research > Analyze Keywords > Paid Competitors

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