Enhance Your Lead Generation Efforts With Saved Searches

With Saved Searches you can create a saved set of filters that will automatically refresh every month, flagging new leads added and leads already saved in another list. Using this will help you keep a close eye on your market and spot new players as they become relevant prospective buyers. 


Creating your first Saved Query:

  1. Choose Find New Outbound Leads - this will take you to a new page with all available search criteria. To learn more about choosing relevant traffic criteria, read this article.

  2. Run your search to see a list of accounts that match your criteria

  3. You will have the option to save your search, make sure to choose a name that represents the type of prospects defined. E.g: US Massive growth fashion sites / US leads working with competitors

  4. From the search results, choose which leads are relevant and add them to a list. You can choose an existing list or create a new one.

Managing and using your Saved Searches:

  1. Once you have Saved Searches set up, you can view and manage them from the Workspace by clicking on Find Outbound Leads. This will show you all the saved searches you defined so far, the number of results available for each, how many new leads are available, and how many were already added to a list.

  2. When can you see new available leads? Every month on the 8th, a new set of fresh leads will become available. If you created the list in the current month, the list will reflect leads currently available, without showcasing changes from the previous month.

  3. Choose the relevant leads and add them to a list.

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