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Search traffic ads capture search engine product advertisements that were identified as sources of traffic to the analyzed domains within the chosen time frame.

You can see:

  • Ads: Advert, including the image of the product and the full copy as it appears on Google SERP

  • Landing Page: Full URL of the landing page getting traffic from this ad

  • Keywords: Search keywords in which the product ad appears

  • Position: Average position of the product ad on the SERP

Note: This page analyses one website at a time. You can filter by website at the top of the results table. You also have the option to show/hide columns of the results table and download to excel.

What is the value?

The Search Traffic > Product Ads page is an ideal way to analyze the nature of search engine product ads that drive traffic to your analyzed sites. Afterwards, you can see how your search traffic product ads compare to your competitor(s) by toggling between them and seeing the difference in image, positioning and attributed keywords. Remember, if a competitor product ad has additional keywords attributed to it, consider matching them in yours.

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