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The Top Product Ads page shows top product list ad variations for the keyword or keyword groups provided. Find the creative ad that appears for variations of the target keyword or keyword group and the top web domain appearing for the keyword(s). This helps uncover your competitors’ advertising strategies by showing the top ads.

To see top product ads:

  1. From Search Keyword Analysis, enter a keyword.

  2. Within Keyword Competitors, click Top Product Ads.

    Top product list ad variations for the Keyword or Keyword Group that you have set will be displayed.

In the table, you can see:

  • Category drop down: Filter by any SimilarWeb-made category of websites to see when ads appeared only for sites in that category for the associated keyword(s).

  • Ads: Copy of the ad as it appears on Google’s SERP

  • Domains: Every website that appeared for the keyword(s) the user provided

  • Landing Page: Full URL of the domain getting traffic from the associated ad

  • Keywords: Search terms for which the associated ad appears on Google SERP

  • Position: Average ad position for which the associated term appears during the analyzed period

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