Discover data and insights on the incoming traffic to your website and your competitor's sites. Referrals traffic includes traffic from affiliates, links, content partners, and traffic from direct media buying or news coverage.

Get insights on traffic volume, traffic share, % change, engagement data, referral domains, and industries. Find referral leaders and referral opportunities.


The Competitive Research > Website Analysis workflow offers two modules that provide data on referral traffic: Marketing Channels and Incoming Traffic.

Marketing Channels: Referrals

The Channel Traffic & Engagement graph provides traffic volume and engagement metrics on the Marketing Channels page. Tip: View data by daily, weekly, or monthly trends.

Note : You can select Growth Rate Over Time to show the percentage of traffic change from one month to another.

Key Metrics:

Traffic Share

Percentage of referral traffic sent to each analyzed website.

Avg. Visit Duration

The average duration of the visit. Longer visits may suggest that visitors interact more extensively with the website, which may mean they find it a rich source of relevant information and knowledge. The more time a visitor spends on the website, the more likely they will convert. Note: This average includes bounced visits. For more information, see our Glossary.

Pages / Visit

The average number of pages visited per referral visit.

Bounce Rate

The average bounce rate is when the user visits only one page from a referral.

Incoming Traffic

The Incoming Traffic page offers data and insights on the referral partners and industries. Understanding the traffic share, traffic trends, new and trending websites, and your wins and losses presents an excellent opportunity to analyze and optimize your referral traffic strategy.

Key Metrics:

Referral Visits & Traffic Share

Percentage and distribution of traffic sent by referral websites to the analyzed group of websites.

Referring Websites

Discover the domains referring traffic to the analyzed websites. See the leaders, the new and trending websites

Industry Distribution

Find the top industry categories referring traffic to the analyzed websites.

Competitive Traffic

Find top referral traffic opportunities, wins, and losses.

  • Referral Wins: Referral partners driving more traffic to your site than to the analyzed competitors.

  • Referral Opportunities: Referral partners that are driving traffic to your competitors but you are not currently pursuing them.

  • Referral Losses: Referral partners you pursue but lose out to your competition.

  • Highly Competitive Referrals: Referral partners that the analyzed set of websites is competing for.

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