If you’ve used workspace arenas in the past, you’ll see that Competitive Trackers are the next generation of this feature, bringing a new level of smart insights and commentary to the table. 

Workspaces and arenas will only be available to users who have previously created them. You'll find them within the Competitive Trackers module.

Creating an arena is done in the workspace environment. An arena is where you add the website you'd like to analyze along with competitors to view a competitive landscape.

What is the value

With your arena, you'll be able to benchmark your site against the competition, identify growth opportunities, threats, wins, and losses, and surface valuable insights to optimize search and affiliate activities.

How to create an arena

  1. From the left sidebar, go to Workspace. Click the + next to Arenas.

  2. Enter your website. Click Next.

  3. Click Add to select up to 4 competitors. Click Next.

  4. Enter a name for the arena. Click Visit My Arena.


    Tip: Toggle the email notification ON to receive a monthly digest on the arena's performance.


How do I delete an arena?

To delete an arena, select the gear icon next to the arena name, and select Delete This Arena. Keep in mind, you must have at least one arena created, so if you would like to delete your only arena, you need to create a new arena first.

Feature Location

Workspace > Marketing & Research

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