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The Search Traffic Overview page helps you view key metrics to help you understand the popularity of your site versus your competitors, along with the channels bringing traffic to the sites.

You can see:

  • Total Search Visits: Total number of visits generated by search results (in actual numbers or percentages)
  • Organic vs Paid: Percentage of visits generated by organic search vs paid search
  • Branded Traffic: Share of website visits generated by branded keywords (terms including the brand's name or variations of its name) vs non-branded keyword, and search traffic by type and search engines.

Whether users are searching for a specific brand name or a specific search term, you can decide to use generic or branded keywords to capture a wide range of customers and increase your conversion opportunities.

Search Traffic & Engagement

This section shows traffic generated to the website by organic and paid search and key engagement metrics related to those visits.

In the graph, you can see:

  • Traffic Share: Percentage of search traffic sent to the website
  • Avg. Visit Duration: Average duration of the visit in hours, minutes, and seconds. Longer visits may suggest that visitors interact more extensively with the website, which may mean they find it a rich source of relevant information and knowledge. The more time a visitor spends on the website, the more likely they are to convert.
  • Page/Visit: Average number of pages visited per search visit. More pages per visit often indicates that users are highly engaged and willing to explore more of the site.
  • Bounce Rate: Average bounce rate, which is when the user visits only one page from the search. A lower bounce rate is good as it indicates that users are clicking through to more pages on the site.

In the tabs, you can see the breakdown of:

  • Organic and Paid: View a breakdown of organic and paid traffic. 
  • Branded and Non-Branded: Understand a company’s overall marketing strategy.
    If the focus is on branded keywords, this would indicate a company is strengthening their brand with their existing customer base. If a company is trying to broaden their audience, they would focus on non-branded keywords.
  • All Search Types: See how certain search traffic types are performing over time. This includes regular search, news, image, video, shopping, and maps.
    This will allow you to see where your competitors are focusing their efforts and how effectively these channels are performing.

Note: When selecting a specific filter, you cannot use other filters.

Search Sources

Here you can see:

  • Search Traffic by Type: Breakdown of search traffic by search type, such as regular search, news, image, video, shopping, and maps.
  • Search Traffic by Engines: Breakdown of search traffic by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.


  • You can export to Excel or download a PNG file for use in a presentation, email, etc.


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