Understand the quantity and quality of organic search traffic to an analyzed website(s) using the Organic Search Overview page.

Organic Search Overview


How to Use Organic Search Overview

  1. Go to the Website Analysis module and enter a website.

  2. From the left sidebar menu, select Search > Overview.

  3. Click +Compare to add up to four more sites.

    Use the filters in the top right to set the Geographic Region, Time Frame and Traffic Type.

Key Metrics and Insights

The Organic Search Overview page contains several modules of metrics and insights. See the data for one website, or compare up to five websites to get a full view of a competitive set.

Insights Tiles

Search traffic insights offer quick and easy-to-digest insights on significant fluctuations and traffic trends for the analyzed site(s) and offer a compelling starting point to begin your analysis. 

These insights surface significant spikes, drops, and trends for search channels, branded traffic and engagement insights. 

Search Analysis Insights

Search Traffic & Engagement

The Search Traffic & Engagement graph shows traffic generated to the website by organic and paid search, along with valuable engagement metrics related to those visits.

Search traffic & engagement traffic

There are four tabs along the top of the table. Use the tabs to view:

In addition, view a breakdown of search traffic by:

Search traffic and engagement traffic breakdown

  • Organic and Paid: View a breakdown of the organic vs paid search traffic over time.

  • Branded and Non-Branded: Understand a company’s overall marketing strategy.

    If the focus is on branded keywords, this would indicate a company is strengthening its brand with its existing customer base. If a company is trying to broaden its audience, it will focus on non-branded keywords.

  • All Search Types: See how certain search traffic types are performing over time. This includes regular search, news, image, video, shopping, and maps.

    This will allow you to see where your competitors are focusing their efforts and how effectively these channels are performing.

Note: When analyzing Visit Duration, Pages per Visit, and benchmarking Bounce Rate, you can only select to Breakdown traffic by "Organic and Paid". Branded and Non-Branded and Search Type filters will not be available.  

Find New Keywords

Find New Keywords insights surface valuable keywords insights and provide easy access tools that help identify and qualify new keyword opportunities.

Find new keywords


What does Syndicated traffic mean?

In Traffic by Search Engine, you may see the result Syndicated. Search Syndication stands for 3rd party domains held by companies that have a search revenue share contract with search engine providers (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.).

These 3rd party companies distribute different software-like extensions, toolbars, desktop apps, etc., and change the user's search pages to their own search domain (i.e., changing the user's default search, new tab, or the home page on the user's browser).

Feature Location

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  • Competitive Analysis > Website Analysis > Enter a website and go to Search > Overview.
  • Acquisition Channels > SEO > SEO Competitor Analysis > Overview
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