The Keywords by Industry page reveals the list of top keywords driving traffic in a specific industry and provides traffic metrics and insights related to each search term.


What is the Value?

Knowing the top search terms driving traffic in your industry, and understanding the traffic quantity, quality, source, and cost associated with each term is essential when discovering and qualifying keyword opportunities.

Using the Keywords by Industry tool, SEO, PPC, and Marketing Managers will:

How to Use Keywords by Industry

Working within the Digital Marketing Intelligence solution:

  1. From the sidebar menu, navigate to Keyword Research, and select Keywords by Industry.

  2. Choose a predefined Industry or a custom industry. Click See Keywords.

    TipCreating a custom industry lets you define the websites to include in your research. A custom industry can include up to 300 websites.

  3. Click See Keywords.

  4. The Keyword by Industry page provides a full view of the top keywords in the industry along with valuable insights to help you build a strategy.

    Use the filters to further tailor your research:

    • Any CPC: Specify the spend range to adjust the search result to a targeted amount. Note: This filter is disabled when there are more than 50k results. Try adding other filters first.

    • Any Volume: Specify the traffic volume to filter the result based on targeted search traffic.

    • All Search Channels: Breakdown of search traffic by search channel e.g. Regular, News, Image, etc.

    • Branded or Non-Branded filter: Use the filter to further focus your research. Consider looking at Non-Branded keywords to remove terms with a specific brand name.

    • Newly discovered: Find new keywords to target, which didn’t appear in the month prior to the analyzed month.

    • Trending terms: See which keywords experienced a significant rise in traffic compared to the previous month.

      See data for the last 28 days for this filter and get timely insights on what’s trending.

    • Question queries: Find question-based keywords.

  5. Once you've identified top keywords of interest, you can save them to a custom keyword list to easily monitor in the future.

Key metrics & insights:

  • Search Traffic by Channel: Breakdown of search traffic by search channels, such as regular search, news, image, video, and others

  • Search Traffic by Source: Breakdown of search traffic by source, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Feature Location

Try it now! Keywords by Industry > Choose an industry.

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