Signals on Your Leads Delivered to Your Inbox

Buying signals are important cues that indicate a customer’s readiness to buy, being aware and taking advantage of them to reach out at the right time will make your sales efforts more efficient and fruitful.

With SimilarWeb new email digest you can better monitor your book of business - each month we will send you a summary of Market Intelligence alerts & news on the leads you track, as well as recommendations for similar leads.


What is included in your monthly email digest


1. Market Intelligence updates: significant traffic changes that happened to one of the companies saved in your list. Alerts can include: (1) increase/decrease in traffic, globally or from a certain country; (2) increase/decrease to a specific traffic channel.

For example a major increase in paid traffic means they are in business for paid growth efforts. A decrease in overall traffic volume means they are experiencing slowdown in business, but might need help with pushing for more traffic.  


2. News updates: we scan news sites all over the world to identify the most recent items about companies saved within your Lead Lists. Learn more about our Company News Alerts here.


3. Lead Recommendations: additional leads that could be valuable for you as prospects, based on the leads already saved in your list and SimilarWeb proprietary algorithm.


Managing your monthly email alerts

 Navigate to your Workspace and choose a Lead List to view.

 When viewing your List, click on the SUBSCRIBE button to start receiving monthly updates.



You can easily unsubscribe from any list by clicking on the same button.

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