The Industry Leaders section lists top-performing websites in all categories.

This is Industry Leaders

What is the Value?

This new graph provides you with a faster way to slice and dice the top website pages with two chosen metrics to extract a more in-depth analysis and benchmark websites with their competitors.

How to Use Industry Leaders

Within Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis, you can compare metrics for industry leaders.

Market Quadrant Analysis

The Market Quadrant Analysis graph allows you to view top websites in all industries, or the selected industry, in a graph. This provides you with a visual snapshot to understand who is winning in the relevant industry. You can view the last three months or the last month to see how industry leaders change position over time.


Note: Hover your mouse over a website in the graph to display more detailed information.

You can also view the industry average to understand how the analyzed site compares to its competition. Benchmark sites against competitors by examining the intersection between two metrics of your choice (Monthly Visits, Visits Duration, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, Traffic Share, Change, Pages/Visits).

In the table, you can see:

You can filter by:

  • Transactional Websites: Websites that allow the ability to conduct transactions through the financial institution's website by initiating banking transactions or buying products and services.

  • Content Publishing Websites: Websites that focus on presenting content, such as news outlets, blog sites, etc.

  • Other Websites

Note: A free-text search is available.

Use Case

Let’s say you want to find a website that attracts the most engaged audience in Travel and Tourism in the United States. All you have to do is look at monthly visits and visit duration: just select Travel and Tourism, the date range, and the country. The results will be displayed visually in the Market Quadrant Analysis graph.

In the filters within the graph, select Monthly Visits vs. Visits Duration. This will provide you with a visual snapshot of the leaders in these metrics. You can also benchmark the website you are analyzing to the industry average; this gives you an overview of your performance compared to the industry average.

Feature Location

Research Intelligence > Industry Research > Web Industry Analysis > Overview > Industry Leaders

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