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Timing is everything!  

With SimilarWeb you can easily track your book of business to identify opportunities and reach out at the right time.

There are 2 important metrics in your personalized Workspace that allow you to quickly identify changes:

  • Traffic Alerts - when traffic from a specific market or channel is changing
  • New! Company News - recent news updates about the companies in your lead list


What are ‘Buying Signals’ and why are they so important?

Buying signals are cues that indicate the intentions of prospects or existing customers in terms of their readiness to buy. Identifying these events and reaching out at the right time, can help make the sales process more efficient and higher-yielding.


Who is this for and what insights can be extracted from this metric?

Changes in your prospects and customers can mean things like:

  1. Round of funding completed: This means more money and a bigger budget, maybe now they can buy what you sell.
  2. Changes in management: Fresh decision-makers with new strategies and ideas, maybe now they’ll be more receptive to your outreach.
  3. Mergers and acquisitions: For the acquired company, it mostly means they now have more budget, so maybe now they can finally afford to purchase what you sell. For acquiring companies, they might need to invest in their tech stack to support the new team/product they just added.
  4. IPO: A company going public usually means there is more budget, maybe it’s a good time to reach out again.
  5. Web traffic growth: They are doing well and need help to boost their efforts, they may be looking for help to capitalize on this new growth.
  6. Web traffic decline: Indicates they need help to attract more consumers, they may be looking for help to increase website traffic.
  7. Paid channel growth: This means they are investing more in paid media, and are in the market to optimize through paid marketing activity. 
  8. PR efforts: If they are investing in certain markets, it also means they have a budget. 

Read more about making the most out of your Workspace to prioritize your sales efforts.


Where is this feature located on the platform? 

To see news updates about your prospects and clients, add them to a Lead List (learn more about creating Lead Lists).

 From your Lead List, a lead will contain traffic/news alerts when there’s a number next to it. Simply click on the domain to see the most recent updates. Available alerts will be flagged next to the lead until viewed 



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