Zero-click searches refer to a search engine results page (SERP) which answers the query right at the top such that the user doesn't need any further clicks to complete the search. A zero-click search is one that satisfies the search intent at the top of the SERP.

A search for "how old is the queen", or even "queen age" will display an answer that doesn’t require another click or an additional site visit:


These zero-click results are often referred to as Quick Answers, Knowledge Boxes, Featured Snippets, or Top Stories (news).

How does zero-click change SEO, PPC, and Search strategy?

Zero-click’s growing prominence complicates measuring SEO efforts, with a widening gap between the number of searches performed (volume) and the number of clicks on the search results. In June of 2019, for the first time, a majority of all browser-based searches on Google resulted in zero-clicks. This means SEO strategy needs to optimize for a world of search that generates less direct traffic. Brands should now think about Search Optimization through two lenses:

  • Optimizing for search visits (CTR) that generate site traffic

  • Optimizing for zero-click searches that don't generate site traffic

Who is this for and what insights can be extracted from this metric?

With Similarweb’s Zero-Click metric, you can optimize your SEO, PPC, and Search strategy for keywords that drive site visits and engagement. Assuming traffic is your primary objective, prioritize keywords with higher "clicked" rates (CTR).

Pro Tip: A high search volume for a keyword coupled with a high percentage of zero-clicks (non-clicked) indicates that consumer intent is high for the given keyword regardless of search visits and clicks.


Found on the Similarweb platform in Search Interest Analysis (Organic page)

Is there a silver lining?

It's not all bad. Roughly half of all searches still generate traffic. In many cases, zero-click searches are informational queries rather than queries with high purchase intent. Brands that are empowered with Similarweb's zero-click metric have the unique advantage of discovering branding opportunities that didn't exist in the pre-zero-click era:

  • Consumer Brand: consumers can familiarize themselves with your brand directly on the SERP without clicking into your site. This is the first step of the buyer journey and can create stronger purchase intent with your paid/organic results.

  • Brand Credibility: build trust with consumers by providing relevant information in knowledge boxes and featured snippets.

  • Local Search: local search experiences that are zero-click can generate foot traffic (e.g. searching "coffee shop" and then visiting one of the featured coffee shops populated in the knowledge box).

Want to learn more about SEO, PPC, and Keyword strategy?

Check out the Keyword Analysis Guide to learn how to use Similarweb's Keyword Analysis to uncover the digital market share for any keyword, based on the actual traffic (i.e. anonymous behavioral data) generated by a particular keyword to any site on all search engines.

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