Advanced Search: Finding Potential Advertisers

Learn how to generate a list of advertisers you should go after using traffic criteria, and how you can sort and prioritize your lead list. Using traffic data will help you focus your efforts on advertisers that have a need for your services.

Best filters to look for new advertisers

Our Similarweb experts recommend using the following filters to identify relevant advertisers:

Geography Settings: This filter will enable you to find advertisers that are generating traffic from specific geographies, based on the strengths of your inventory. Choose ‘Worldwide’ if you offer global traffic coverage.


Website category: Do you have a strong offering for certain categories? Choose from a large range of Similarweb categories to focus your search on categories of your ideal prospects. Websites are categorized according to the product being sold.


[Optional] Technologies used: Find advertisers that are already engaging in a similar type of activity to what you are offering, based on the technologies embedded on their site. For example, websites that are using Omniture or Google Analytics are spending $$$ on optimizing their marketing efforts and tracking performance. You can also search for other types of advertiser-side technologies, such as retargeting.


Marketing Channels: Identify advertisers that are already spending on paid media by setting your criteria to at least 1% of traffic coming from paid Search and Display Ads - these advertisers are already allocating some budget for paid efforts and are easier to convince.


[Optional]Visits, Visitors & Total Pageviews: For extra focus, use total monthly visits or page views to set the maximum number of website visits as a criterion, and focus your search on the smaller players - the advertisers you’ve probably missed out until now (e.g. websites with less than 10M visits).


[Optional]Traffic Changes: Find advertisers that are losing traffic month-over-month or year-over-year, and need your solution to catch up with their competition.


Sort & Prioritize your leads

Once you created your list of pre-qualified leads, the next step is to plan your efforts and focus on the ones that are the most likely to convert, based on buying signals and opportunity size.

Our Similarweb experts recommend using the following metrics to sort your list and prioritize your efforts:

(1) Prioritizing leads according to decline in traffic: websites with a sharp decrease in traffic will have a pressing need to attract a new audience using paid efforts. Sort your list using the MoM/YoY Traffic Change columns to see which websites are experiencing the strongest decrease in traffic.

Note: For extra focus, look for websites with negative traffic trends year-over-year AND month-over-month.

(2) Increase in paid media is a strong buying signal: advertisers that are paying for user acquisition will have a higher likelihood of converting as they are in the market for advertising solutions. View this monthly to make sure you’re reaching out as they are still ramping up!


Learn which channels they are focusing on and which Ad Networks they are working with, then compare them to their competition and reach out with engaging content.

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