The Importance of Enriching your CRM with Sales Intelligence Data

A common pain point for sales teams arises from incomplete Salesforce data making it difficult to identify the best leads to go after, and the tedious (and time-consuming) task of manually inputting missing information to qualify prospects better.

Sales Intelligence data provides valuable context to your leads, accounts, and contacts while helping your reps better focus on high-potential leads to close more business – faster. It can help you better qualify, classify, segment, and route your leads.

Lead Enrichment Best Practices

Sales intelligence data, such as unique monthly visitors, can be used as a strong signal of prospect potential and willingness to buy. Review the following examples, based on the target customer:

  • If your ideal customer profile is E-commerce/Travel websites: monthly unique visitors can indicate the number of customers a website has. Also, monthly unique visitors are highly correlated with the number of monthly transactions conducted on the website. This is an important lead qualification criteria when your solution and revenue potential from a customer is dependent on the number of transactions made on the site (e.g., parcel shipping or payment technology).

  • If your target customers are publishers: page views, bounce rate, and average visit duration can indicate the size of the publisher, as well as the quality of its content. This is extremely relevant if your solution offers publishers better monetization of their website or increased engagement.

  • If your target customers are multi-geo websites, i.e., companies that receive traffic from multiple countries, then top countries are a powerful indicator. Whether you’re selling translation service, parcel shipping service, etc. – knowing from which countries your prospect is getting traffic allows your sales team to qualify whether they are a good fit for your solution and to tailor their pitch accordingly.

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