Creating Reports to Share Insights with your Clients

Create a dashboard to gain a quick and comprehensive overview of all the important changes across your client’s website, competitors, industry, and keywords. From Dashboards, you can prepare PDF printouts and visuals for client meetings and pitching to new clients. Share these key market intelligence insights with your colleagues.

1. From Similarweb, click Dashboards.

2. Click Add Dashboard to create a Dashboard and select the template that is right for you from the gallery.


PRO TIP: You can also create a dashboard in just two clicks from the Strategic Overview of your Arena in Workspace.

A couple of useful dashboard templates to track your client’s and their competitors’ performance are Monthly Competitive Overview and Market Analysis.

3. Once you have selected your dashboard template, select the relevant category/keyword/websites and settings, and create your Dashboard!


PRO TIP: You can also create dashboards manually. Whenever you come across interesting metrics, select the “+” icon next to the widget to add to a new or existing dashboard.

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