Setting Up your Workspace to Benchmark your Client Against Their Competitors

Similarweb workspaces allow you to customize a work environment based on your client’s specific competitive landscape.

  1. Choose Workspace from the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click the + to create a new workspace.

  3. Add the URL of your client you wish to analyze, and add up to four of their competitors.

  4. In the “Strategic Overview” tab, you can benchmark your client’s traffic over time against the other sites in your Arena. You can view traffic to each site in the group in absolute numbers or as a percentage of the whole by clicking the toggle at the top right of each table. You can view traffic daily, weekly, or monthly.

    TIP: You can benchmark all visits or only unbounced visits by selecting the check box. Looking at unbounced visits focuses the insights on the traffic that is more likely to lead to conversion as the visit takes in more than just the page the user landed on.

  5. Compare engagement stats for the sites in your Arena, including time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate. This will enable you to understand your client’s position with regard to their competition and answer key questions for your client e.g., What is the gap between your client and their competitors?

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