Optimize Your Client's Paid and Organic Search Strategy

  • Go to Competitive Analysis tool > Search Traffic > Keywords to understand what keywords drive traffic to your client’s and competitors’ website

  • Understand the battleground for each keyword, by looking at “Competitive Traffic Share”.

  • Use the filters to refine your search results: use the smart competitive filters to identify keywords your client does not receive traffic from, but its competitors do, and the keywords their competitors get significantly more traffic than they do. Suggested filters: Non-Branded Keywords and Keyword Losses.

  • Improve your client’s keyword strategy to include new and trending keywords by using the checkboxes for new, trending, and questions.

Research a Specific Keyword or Group of Keywords

  1. Go to Keyword Research tool > Search Keywords

  2. Enter the keyword or the group of keywords in the search bar

  3. Scroll down to find the traffic breakdown across websites

  4. Set the filter to “Paid Keywords” to analyze the websites that generate paid traffic from the same keyword(s), and “Mobile” (in the upper right) to learn which sites get traffic from these keywords on mobile web.

Generate New Keyword Ideas

The Keyword Generator will help you come up with new keyword ideas for your client’s SEO and PPC strategies, and blog content to showcase strong keywords related to a specific keyword.

  1. Go to Keyword Research > Find Keywords >Keyword Generator.

  2. Type a relevant search term into the Keyword Generator. For example, if you want to find keywords related to the search term “açaí”, type “açaí” into the Keyword Generator.

  3. Click Generate.

TIP: In order to find açaí-related keywords with month-over-month growth in Search Volume, refer to the column “Yearly Trend”.

  • Click the checkboxes to add the relevant terms to a new or existing keyword group, and analyze the group of terms to discover the websites that win traffic for those keywords.

    E.g. if your client specializes in packaged foods, filter Website Categories for “Groceries” to help them find retailers for their products.

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