Understand a Prospect's Marketing Strategy in the Context of their Competitors

  1. Go to Digital Marketing Intelligence > Competitive Analysis Tool.

  2. Enter your prospect’s domain into the search bar.

  3. Select the relevant time period from the date picker, country filter and device.

  4. Select the + Compare to add in up to 4 of your prospect’s competitors.

    TIP: Not sure who your prospect’s competitors are? Similarweb offers a list of "Similar Sites" in the dropdown when adding competitors.

  5. On the Website Performance page, scroll to Visits Over Time to see whether your prospect and its competitors are growing or declining in traffic period-over-period or Year-over-Year

  6. In the sidebar menu, go to the Marketing Channels page. Look a the Channel Overview chart to understand your prospect vs. its competitors in terms of which channels they each rely on to get traffic from

    TIP: Benchmark your prospect’s marketing strategy against its industry by clicking on the drop-down list by "Benchmark" and then selecting an industry (predefined or custom).

  7. Switch between Desktop and Mobile to ensure that your prospect’s marketing budget is being optimally spent across both devices.

    TIP: Toggle between % and # to view the percentage of traffic coming from each channel vs. the absolute numbers to easily identify which competitors are strongest per channel.

  8. Scroll down to the Channel Traffic and Engagement chart. Click a specific marketing channel from the tabs along the top of the chart. Analyze the quality of traffic generated by that channel by toggling between the engagement metrics.

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