Understand Your Prospect's Market

  1. Go to Research > Web Industry Analysis.

  2. Select the Industry.


    TIP: If the predefined industries are too broad, you can create a custom industry. The custom category will help you track your prospect’s and their competitors’ performance.

  3. Explore the Industry Overview page. Find insights such as Top Websites, Total Traffic to sites within the Industry, and Engagement metrics.

  4. Navigate to the Industry Leaders page. to see the list of top websites in the industry in terms of overall traffic.

  5. Go to Industry Trends to gain a visual representation of what your prospect’s share of the market is.


    TIP: Hover your mouse over the graph and move along the timeline to see growth or lost share of the market. Note any seasonality trends in the industry.

    The Industry Trends table offers insights on traffic share and traffic trends, website ranking, traffic sources, and traffic engagement.

  6. Navigate to Search Trends to find top and trending keywords in the industry. Search keywords provide insight into the audience interests and trends within the industry.


    TIP: Use the filters to view Branded and Non-Branded Keywords, Newly Discovered and Trending Terms. Do miss an opportunity to catch a trend.

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