Discover New Affiliate Partnerships for your Client

There are four key ways to discover potential new affiliate partners for your client :

  • Discover the affiliates sending traffic to your client’s competitors and steal this traffic back to your client’s site

  • Pick a successful affiliate partner and discover similar websites to bring even more relevant traffic to your client

  • Drive new traffic to your client by identifying the websites receiving traffic from target keywords

  • Identify the list of websites referring traffic to your client’s category

Discover the affiliates sending traffic to your client’s competitors:

  1. Discover websites that send traffic to your client’s website and to their competitor’s websites by going to Referral Traffic > Incoming Traffic in compare mode

  2. Set the competitive filter to ‘Referral Opportunities’ to see which affiliates are sending traffic to your competitors, and not to you.

  3. Use the category filter to refine your results and find potential affiliate partners in certain industries

PRO TIP: Competitive Traffic Share shows you the proportion of traffic each referring domain sends to the members of the group.

Pick one of your client’s affiliates and use Similarweb to discover similar websites:

Another way to discover new potential affiliates with Similarweb is to review your client’s existing affiliates and learn more about who their competitors are.

  1. In Incoming Traffic under “Referral Domain” view the list of sites that send traffic to your client’s domain.

  2. Select a site from the list to learn about the website’s performance.

  3. Go to Research Intelligence > Website Analysis > Competitive Landscape on the left side menu to see a list of similar sites.

  4. Go to Audience Interests under Audience to see other websites that visitors go to in the same 24 hour period as visiting the affiliate you have chosen to analyze.

Identify the websites receiving traffic from target keywords

Drive new audiences to your client’s site by discovering affiliate partnerships winning traffic from content and keywords of interest to your client’s target audience

  1. In the Keyword Research tool, go to Find Keywords.

  2. Type a relevant search term into the Keyword Generator and click Generate.

    For example, if you want to attract visitors that are likely to buy beauty or make-up products, type in a related keyword.

You will see several tabs:

  • Phrase-Match: this list includes all search terms that contain broad and exact match mention of your seed keyword

  • Related Keywords: this list includes all search terms that are semantically similar to your seed keyword i.e. match the intent of the user, rather than the exact keyword.

  • Trending Keywords: this list includes search terms that have seen a rise in search volume.

  • Question Queries: this is a list of top searches in the form of a question

  1. Select keywords from this list one by one or select the top checkbox to highlight the top 100 keywords.

  2. Add keywords to a new or existing keyword group to analyze.

  3. Go to Analyze Research > Find Keyword Affiliates. Choose the keyword list.

  4. To find relevant potential affiliate partners for your client, go to Find Affiliates and choose the keyword list.

  5. Click on the Website Industries drop down to segment the list and find relevant new partnerships.

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