Find New Partners for Affiliate Marketing


SimilarWeb’s Partner Recommendation Engine enables you to find new affiliates to work with based on a sophisticated algorithm.


Getting Started:

  1. Create an arena in your workspace 
  2. On the left-hand side of the Workspace, you will see “Partner Lists”
  3. Click on the + button and go to “Find new Partners”
  4. See a list of potential affiliates based on your arenas



How Does Our Recommendation Engine Work?

  1. Once you have created your arena, we identify sites which are similar to your competitive set, as well as sites from your industry. 
  2. We group these sites and create a "virtual competitive set". For this group, we look at the incoming traffic (referral traffic).
  3. We want to understand which of those referral sites are the most relevant to you. Thus, for each of the referring domains, wee look at parameters such as:
  • How much traffic does it send out to other sites and to whom? (a high percentage of incoming traffic indicate it is an affiliate site).
  • The share of search traffic and non-branded keywords driving traffic to this site (most high-quality affiliate traffic has a high volume of search traffic, mainly from long-tail keywords - think about 
  1. Based on these parameters and more, we provide a score for each site. The sites with the highest scores will be recommended to you in your Partner List.
  2. You will be able to edit the list - remove/add sites. By doing so, we'll learn which websites are the best fit for you, and recommend more of a simialr type!
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