Find New Affiliate Opportunities

Similarweb’s Partner Recommendation Engine enables you to find new affiliates to work with based on a sophisticated algorithm.

How to Use

To find new affiliate opportunities:

  1. Go to Marketing Intelligence > Affiliate Research > Monitor Partners.

  2. Click Create New List > Find new partners.

  3. Select Find New Partners.

    Three choices are displayed: Keyword Affiliates, Industry Affiliates, and Competitor Affiliates.


How does our recommendation engine work?

  • Once you create your arena, we identify sites that are similar to your competitive set, as well as sites from your industry.

  • We group these sites and create a "virtual competitive set." For this group, we look at the incoming traffic (referral traffic).

  • We want to understand which of those referral sites are the most relevant to you. Thus, for each of the referring domains, we look at the following parameters:

    • How much traffic does it send out to other sites and to where?

      Note: A high percentage of incoming traffic indicates it is an affiliate site.

    • The share of search traffic and non-branded keywords driving traffic to this site.

      Note: Most high-quality affiliate traffic has a high volume of search traffic, mainly from long-tail keywords.

  • Based on these parameters and more, we provide a score for each site. The sites with the highest scores will be recommended for your partner list.

  • You will be able to edit the list - remove/add sites. By doing so, we'll learn which websites are the best fit for you, and recommend more of a similar type!

Feature Location

Marketing Intelligence > Affiliate Research > Monitor Partners > Create New List > Find new partners

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